About Kosi Knits…

My name is Jandry and I live in Toronto, Ontario. I am a new mother, a photographer, and now a knitter. I began knitting while I was pregnant about 1 year ago. I have always been a crafty person and have always had an interest for knitting. I had learned a stitch or two from a friend, Shanny, many years ago and made a huge 6-7 ball scarf that was never actually wearable. With my motherly instincts beginning to kick in, I had the urge to make something for my baby Kgosi.

I signed up for knitting 101 and crocheting 101 and that was when I fell in love. I LOVE KNITTING! In the past year I have learned so much and have made way more than I would’ve ever imagined.

This blog will help me share my knitting progress and hopefully meet new knitters!

Enjoy my blog,